Lost Fuchsia: Emily Doel

This week’s lost fuchsia is ‘Emily Doel‘, which was introduced in 1882 and we are hoping that our fuchsia detectives will help us to find more information about this historic cultivar.  Does anyone know who Emily Doel was?

This cultivar sometimes appears as ‘Emily Doels’, we suspect that this is the same cultivar and a typographical error,  but we need evidence to prove this.  Are you able to help solve this?

Lost Fuchsia: Louisa Balfour

Today’s lost fuchsia is ‘Lousia Balfour’, we do not know when she was introduced and at present have a limited description of her.

We understand that this fuchsia was named after Louisa Balfour who was born in 1852 in Darjeeling, India. Daughter of George G. and Juliana G. Balfour.